Monday, September 20, 2010

Top Two Tuesday - Hair Products

Hey fellow bloggers!! Long time, no post - life is just wicked busy around our house but I wanted to jump in on this weeks Top Two Tuesday!! Visit The Undomestic Momma to play along!!

1. - Paul Mitchell Flat Iron
This thing was not cheap but it works like a CHARM!!! I like it because the plates are a little wider than say the Chi. I am lucky to have a Paul Mitchell Hair School close to me so I did get a tiny discount on this gem!!

2. Moroccan Oil
This is a MUST HAVE for anyone!!! It leaves your hair so soft and silky!! I highly highly recommend this product!!!

Last but not least, who saw Jennifer Grey on DWTS last night??? I was a little emotionally unstable when the showed the clip of Jennifer getting so upset over missing Patrick Swayze!! I am thinking that Jennifer and Derick just MIGHT take home the trophy this season!!

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!!!


  1. I really admire Jennifer Grey's tribute to Patrick Swayze. She's doing Dancing with the Stars for him, class.

  2. Great picks! I watched DWTS for the first time ever last night and LOVED Jennifer's dance!!!

  3. I totally agree about DWTS! I was pretty emotional during that clip too!!

  4. I second that... I love my paul mitchell flat iron!!

  5. I have a Paul Mitchell school about 10 minutes away from me! I almost bought a straightener there because I have such thick hair I thought the bigger plates would be easier, but I went with the Sedu instead. I love their products though and go to the school to purchase at a small discount!

  6. so many love the moroccainoil! i use it as well. if you color your hair, put a big handful on before. it doesn't affect the color at all, just seals it so the color doesn't damage your hair.